oneGee Grinder Kit


oneGee’s luxury grinder is like a tiny mortar & pestle made of solid stainless steel. We tried it out, and now we can’t live without it.

Kit includes 2 jars and 1 pestle/crusher, plus a lot of oneGee accessories. Each jar features a rounded interior floor that matches the curve of the pestle, to quickly pulverize lumpy cacao into fine powder. Portable cacao processing at its finest.

  • Jars are 1.6″ long x 1.1″ wide
  • Jars weigh Xoz each
  • Pestle weighs Xoz
  • Kit includes these oneGee tools: 1 spoon, 1 card, 1 napkin, 1 mini surface and 2 mini straws

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oneGee Grinder Kit $135.00

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