Powdra Mirror


Powdra’s exclusive cacao mirror is loaded with unique features & upgrades.

  • Hard-foam base creates ergonomic surface height – less leaning over
  • Lap-friendly when sitting on the couch
  • 3 built-in straw compartments with steel straws included
  • Floats smoothly (very risky and very worth it)

*Limited inventory

Powdra Mirror $70.00

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Mounted on a lightweight hard-foam base, it sits at an ideal height on the table for easy, ergonomic use – stop leaning over so far! You can even use it on your lap when you’re on the couch, which doesn’t work with other mirrors.

The base also features 3 straw compartments that come loaded with our Stainless Steel Straws. This way, your straws are always with your mirror, and they won’t roll around on the surface when you move it.

If you want a truly opulent experience, bring this mirror into the hot tub! It floats smoothly and the top stays high above the water line. Obviously, that is a bold and risky move. One big splash and it’s game over, so only bring as much cacao as you’re willing to gamble with. But for anyone who dares to tempt fate, it’s now possible to experience the unrivaled glory of a using a floating mirror in the hot tub.

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