Powdra Card & Funnel Set


This set is so simple and effective, we’re mad we didn’t think of it earlier.

  • Standard-size card with a unique curve to scrape the rounded sides of plates
  • More choices of card edge size – all 4 straight edges have different lengths
  • Funnel features a flat side that matches the card width
  • Funnel tip fits into all Glass Jars

A must-have upgrade for scraping and transferring cacao.

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Powdra Card & Funnel Set $10.00

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Probably the most frequently-used product that we’ve ever created. The wide corner of the card efficiently scrapes cacao from the outer edges of almost any plate (we tested about 10). You can tilt the card diagonally against the plate edge to fit smaller or larger curves. The other benefit of the round card corner is that it creates two new edge sizes that regular cards don’t have, so each of the 4 straight edges of the card has a different length (the small edge particularly handy). And the purpose-built funnel is a game changer – no more awkward, annoying cacao transfers from your surface to your container. Qualifies as part of our Essentials Sale, details below:

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