Powdra Baggies 3-Pack


Our elevated version of the tiny zip-top plastic bag. Made with the same high-quality materials typically used for premium bags 10 times the size. Durable, reusable and highly functional.

  • 2.5″ tall by 2.25″ wide
  • Choice of front side color, clear window on back
  • 3-layer sidewalls with 120 micron thickness
  • Reliable zippers last long and seal safely
  • VMPET material improves protection from moisture, heat, oxygen and light
  • Unsealed “tear-open” area provides extra grip to open (and it looks sealed)

Scroll down to learn more about these baggies and why we created them.

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Powdra Baggies 3-Pack $8.00

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The story of the Powdra Baggie:

Some people prefer to store their cacao in a “baggie” – an extra-small plastic zip-top bag. We respect that, because those baggies are convenient and they fit comfortably in most any pocket. But they also rip easily, they spill, their zippers fall apart, etc.

So for all the baggie fans out there, Powdra set out to create a luxury version that would function excellently and survive repeated use.

We talked with a lot of high-end bag manufactures – the companies that produce fancy zip-top bags for expensive coffee beans and top-shelf cannabis – but it was challenging to find any manufacturer who would use that same technology for an extra-small bag. We didn’t give up searching though, and we finally found a premium bag manufacturer who could help us create the exact bags we wanted.

With everything we learned throughout the process, we’re pretty sure that this is the nicest baggie (this small) that exists.


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Black, Gold, Silver, Trio